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Midnight Seattle

Dark and rainy: The best conditions for a photo tour! Even if you don’t agree on that note, take a look at the pictures. Taken in Downtown Seattle and around the Lake Union.

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July 7, 2013 Seattle

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The EMP Museum

The EMP Museum is a must.

Not because of the architecture (which looks incredibly!) — it’s because of the museums concept. Young and older people experience music (and video games) in a new way. I won’t spoiler too much in this post. You should go there yourself!

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The picture is taken in the video games exhibition. The woman is playing the original Super Mario Bros. on a NES!

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Part of an infographic in “Can’t Look Away: The Lure of Horror Film”-exhibition

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July 6, 2013 Seattle

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Details in the city

Instead of showing a few typical turist pictures of my trip to Seattle, I decided get your attention a different side of the city: The smaller (or sometimes) bigger details and the scenes beside the tourist attractions.

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Seattle has a actually functioning public transport system. And the most of the stations are also quite pretty.

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Best way to get from the airport into the city is the light rail. You’ll have a nice view over the suburbs.

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In case you ever visit the city, stop by chocolate factory shop (close to pioneer square).

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The waterfront is kinda accessible, but you won’t find a public beach in the city centre.

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I don’t think there’s a comment needed!

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Haven’t found any real viking there, but …

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… maybe that one counts :)

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July 6, 2013 Seattle, Traveling

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Seattle public library

One of the most amazing (public) buildings I’ve seen in my life. The architecture is beautiful but functional as well. The right and bold usage of color, typography, materials, space and light forms an exceptional building. I was impressed!

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July 6, 2013 Seattle, Traveling