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Summer solstice

In case you having heard of the term summer solstice you might know it under the word midsummer. However, it’s a great day to take pictures. The night never really comes. Even when the sun goes down (between 11pm and 12pm) it never get completely dark:

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This picture is taken half an hour after midnight:

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I’ve made a super short timelapse of the sunset in Helsinki at that day: -> Vimeo <-

July 10, 2013 Helsinki


Creative Coding for Live Visuals: Performance

Short quote from the event/course description: “Creative Coding for Live Visuals is an attempt to extract the specific parts from the world of creative coding and live visuals that are required to make them work together in a form of real-time audiovisual performance.” I may try to participate in the event the next time.



April 14, 2013 Helsinki, Kallio


Don’t think about spring!

That is what happens, if you think about spring for a moment: Snowstorm and 20 centimeters of new snow.





March 18, 2013 Helsinki, Kumpula


Hakaniemi market hall

A little bit of the city center, but still very easy to find: The Hakaniemi market hall. It’s a very typical place for a market hall, at least when you enter the ground floor. But the real treasures are one floor up.





March 6, 2013 Helsinki


Suomenlinna in winter

The first time I visited Suomenlinna (group of islands near Helsinki, with a fortress) was in July 2011. 30 degrees, sunshine. I looked a bit different this time, but I was definitely worth visiting. Whenever you’ve got the chance to come to Helsinki, consider a stop at Suomenlinna.






March 6, 2013 Helsinki, Suomenlinna

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Hidden Treasures

You better remember where you parked your car yesterday…

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February 10, 2013 Arabia, Helsinki


Snow-covered sea

View from Lehtisaari near Espoo

January 29, 2013 Espoo, Helsinki


Winter (wonder)land

The temperatures dropped by almost 10 degrees this week. The result? Take a look at the pictures. The first picture was taken a the main road near Kumpula.

Picture number two and three are from/near the city center in Katajonkka & Hakaniemi

My apartment stairs :)

Eventually the Arabia area – near TAIK (former name for the Art & Design Campus of Aalto University)

December 2, 2012 Arabia, Helsinki, Kumpula


Arabia & the Media Lab

This massive building in Arabia is an interesting place. It’s a factory, a shopping mall, a business building, a public library and a university building – all in once. It may look a bit odd from the street side. But the combination of old factory buildings and modern class and steel architecture is an inspiring mixture. But be warned: There’s a good chance to get lost inside the various little corridors and up to 9 floors.

That’s the Mlab’s (Media Lab) lobby and a class room.

November 23, 2012 Aalto University, Arabia, Helsinki

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Väinö Auerin katu

Looks like a nice evening, right? Well, not really evening: it’s just 4pm. Anyway, this is the place there I’m living right now.

November 23, 2012 Helsinki, Kumpula

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